Bud Light Sports

Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Role: Associate Creative Director

Fan of the Fan

Imagine sports without fans. Imagine fans without Bud Light. Enduring sub-zero temperatures and pissed off spouses, we set ourselves up for almost certain heartbreak – all for a chance to be a part of that one second that can change everything. From the Super Bowl in 82′ to Jeters last at bat, there’s only one beer who’s been with us for every moment that mattered. So, when we say Bud Light is the official Fan of the Fans, we’re not just patting ourselves on the back – we have an obligation to uphold.

Credits: Shawn Kraemer – GCD / Evan Campbell – SAD / Ryan Prescott – SCW / Daniel Phillips – CW / Brad Davis – Senior Planner

Beer. With your team on it.