Pepsi + JetBlue

Client: Pepsi
Role: Creative Director

An Iconic Refresh.

Since 1936, the view from across the East river of Manhattan has featured the bright silhouette of the Pepsi Cola Sign. Day or night, rain or shine, this Queens landmark has remained unchanged for over 84 years. Until now. To announce our new partnership we set out to create a disruption by sharing our beloved landmark with Jet Blue — creating an iconic refresh and a new view for millions of New Yorkers. After 12 different permits, 5 different unions, the Landmark Preservation committee, the Gantry Plaza State Park Authority and a sign off from Mayor Bill Deblasio himself, the 80 foot addition finally went up. Some people loved it. A few people (initially) hated it. But with 1.57 BILLION impressions, everyone — including most of the national media — noticed it.

Credits: Shawn Kraemer – ECD / Sandy Stein – ECD / Josh Parent – ACD / Josh Palmer – SAD

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